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About the project:

Malababa grows, Malababa expands, Malababa takes a leap and needs to reflect it. With this premise, we set out to raise its identity at all levels: a process of change that has ranged from the logo to the communication, including the website and packaging. Our job was (and is) to extend the qualities of their products to the rest of the brand. The goal: to provide the company with full coherence and tools to convey its vision.

Malababa is committed to a design whose beauty goes beyond fashion. Thinking about how to generate an ad hoc imaginary, we proposed a series of collaborations with like-minded creatives. They were in charge not only of telling Malababa to the world, but also of doing it through their own eyes. The result? Different photographic campaigns framed in a common space, between the artistic and the commercial. A changing but connected aesthetic, contemporary but lasting, that represents Malababa and defines the tone to be followed.