Hermès L’Hivernacle

  • Creative Direction & Production
  • Food & Beverage
  • Spatial Design
  • Hermès
About the project:

As a small celebration of the arrival of the iconic French house to Barcelona, we threw an exclusive lunch in an unexpected location: L'Hivernacle. This event was part of to larger ones were the essence of the brand was reflected.

Brasil, the place of origin of the materials of the brand, over took Sants neighborhood for a day. Nature, quality and color. The guests: forty key people, chosen to know and let know that Hermès was coming to town.

To the historic greenhouse -of an industrial aesthetic- We added Bornays floral arrangements to the historic greenhouse that emanates an industrial aesthetic. Floral compositions, inspired by Hermès iconic silk scarves, paid homage to the main ports along The Silk Road. Pepi de Boissieu, João Alcântara and Laura Veraguas offered a detailed menú ad hoc.