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About the project:

To complete the barcelonian tour, ​​Hermès celebrated its traditional Bal de Soie at the Can Clota Palace, a majestic house in the outskirts of the city.

The amazing gala started when the assistants –in formal attire for the occasion– ran into the first amusement in the gardens upon their arrival: a labyrinth of mirrors and handkerchiefs in which to get lost.Romantic readings of carrés, Parisian performers to alternate with, dancers in unpredictable nooks and huge silk cyclorams at every step were only some of the surprises that waited for them. Inside, Pepi de Boissieu and Vía Venetto proposed a contemporary version of seventeenth-century French cuisine, served under the light of candelabras and crystal lamps. To culminate the night, make-up artists and hairdressers transformed our guests, who enjoyed the peculiarities of a night packed with masks and music.