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Loewe Christmas Gathering

  • Brand Activation
  • Food & Beverage
  • Talent
  • Spatial Design
  • Creative Direction & Production
  • Loewe
About the project:

The new Loewe Christmas capsule collection payed homage to the British architect and textile designer C.F.A. Voysey. To celebrate its launch, a store gathering inspired by it was organized by wozere. Different actions inside and outside the store took place: vinyl installations, a catering recreating festive concepts and a Christmas carol choir. Surrounded by these celebrations, the guests were able to enjoy a dreamlike experience.

The sidewalk of their Serrano store was intervened with a giant vinyl installation: birds, flowers, butterflies and plants designed by the artist took the streets, surprising everyone who walked by. Inside the store waited a food & beverage inspired by the classic Christmas meals: pretzels in the shape of the Loewe logo, bagels decorated with Voysey elements, roasted chestnuts and a selection of iconic drinks such as hot chocolate, sweet mulled wine and a tamarind soda were all served. In addition, a photobooth decorated with a Voysey's print was designed for the people to be able to remember it all. To finish the celebration with a holiday spirit, a caroling choir sang traditional and festive songs.