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The Sibarist

  • Branding Identity
  • Digital & Web Design
  • The Sibarist
About the project:

The Sibarist is a real estate agency that defines itself as a "boutique of singular properties". They specialize in finding exceptional places around the world; and in their search for excellence they find pieces to measure for each occasion. However, their work goes beyond the properties they offer: The Sibarist is a way to be part of a world that appreciates singularity and the pleasure of excellence. Following these principles, wozere has executed a total rebranding and website design.

The new design reflects their taste for quality, beauty, and small details. With an elegant and modern aesthetic, we value the authenticity of each of the properties displayed. On the other hand, the new web interface is designed to order and give access in the most intuitive way to each of the parts that compose the complex universe of The Sibarist, elevating  the brand.