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Very Wood Ideas

  • Art Direction
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  • Branding Identity
  • Very Wood Ideas

Pictures by Mariana Vernet

About the project:

Very Wood Ideas, a studio in Madrid, designs for pleasure. Dedicated to the creation of handmade wooden furniture, each piece is born from the necessity of creating unique objects that prioritize the enjoyment of the clients. Beauty and functionality, concept and color, creativity and method come together in the creative process. Each piece is designed and handcrafted by the designer and art director Simone Nicotra. Wozere carried out the branding, which included its image development, its website, and the presentation of its first collection at Galería Travesía Cuatro.

The goal was to integrate the union of form and function that characterizes Very Wood Ideas in its new image. With an expressive logo, a dynamic visual language that transforms through typographic plays is created, just as the brand is transformed in each collection.