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  • Art Direction
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  • Branding Identity
  • Plantarse
About the project:

Plantarse is a 100% plant-based delivery service. Its philosophy is to offer simple and natural food options, perfect for combining a healthy diet with today's fast paced environment. By breaking the notion that eating a balanced diet is complicated, Plantarse sends varied, nutritious and freshly made dishes right to your doorstep. At Wozere, we took charge of the complete rebranding process, which included strategy, visual identity, web design, and art direction for the campaigns production.

Moving away from the colors that we usually associate with healthy food chains, Plantarse's new image is transparent, simple and balanced. Using only black and white, we built a clean base that highlights the image of the dishes and the personality of the typography. The result is a design that, like the brand's philosophy, avoids the obvious and goes to the essential: freshly made, natural food.